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2016, acrylic on canvas, 24” x 24”,  $500.00

This Tantric shape symbolizes the three states of consciousness:  creation, preservation and destruction. When studying Tantric painting in India we were shown how an image often triggers a response. However there is never one meaning but the influence of the symbol can draw out our inner interpretation.

Hibiscus, the founder of the Angels of Light and I were friendly rivals. The Hare Khrisna group held an annual festival in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. I decided to dress as Khrisna but I swore my housemates to secrecy because I did not want Hibiscus to know what I was wearing and perhaps outdo my costume. I painted my face blue and donned silken robes, placing a single peacock feather above my forehead. I then proceeded to the parade assembly and met up with Hibiscus.

We stood around in the heat and kept wondering when the parade would begin. I turned to my cousin Beau and said “What are we waiting for?” He replied “they are waiting for you.” So I marched out onto the street and the parade began. We marched the length of Golden Gate Park and finished at the edge of the ocean. It was dusk. Someone had lit several large campfires. I sat down to enjoy the fading sun. As I looked around I saw that Joni Mitchel was singing and playing the guitar next to me. Across from her Alan Ginsberg was playing his harmonium. Everyone was dancing and chanting. All in all a glorious day!