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2010, acrylic on canvas, 24” x 30”, $900.00

Painting can be an adventure into the unknown. Often one intends to create a certain design or use specific colors in a painting but then a great wave of energy takes you in a completely different direction. I often feel I am being guided by some inner voice when I place a line or shape on the canvas.

One journey I shall never forget began on a Friday in San Francisco. Several friends and myself were invited to a party that was held in a large white house on a hill. We already had taken LSD but the host directed us to a punch bowl and said it was an acid punch. Unknown to us a man named John Friendly had spiked the punch bowl with undiluted heroin.

Before long half of the guests were writhing on the floor. I went into a dark part of outer space clinging to a small planet. On this planet many people were in front of me also clinging to this planet with their fingers touching the top and their toes the bottom. Every time it was the turn of someone to be ripped off of the planet and thrown into outer space I took their place. Each time I was hurled off of the planet I let out a scream. As I drifted in and out of this state I could hear my friend Jamie saying “Be quiet, Adrian.”

By Sunday morning some were able to stand up and leave but I couldn’t navigate so a few people carried me out into the harsh sunlight where I saw the city of San Francisco melting away. When we arrived home I was strapped to my bed because I was thrashing wildly. I was later told, that for an entire day, I began moaning in ecstasy. I was encapsulated in warm white clouds and floated for hours.

Suddenly I gave birth to an infant god who scrambled out of the room. I burst the bonds and tried to follow him but by that time I had returned to normal consciousness.

A group who had been at the party was in the kitchen talking about the events. Apparently several people had to be hospitalized and one elderly couple died. Someone asked me how I felt and I said “I want to be good.” He replied “But you are good, Adrian.” And I said “No, I want to be very, very good.” For a year after that I only wore white and that is when I became a vegetarian.

My cousin Beau, who had been at the party, came into the kitchen. Someone said to him “Well, there was one funny part of that party. That was when you sat in the cake Beau.” He replied “ I did not” but it was noticed that the back of his shirt and pants were covered in dry icing.