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2014, acrylic on canvas, 24” x 30”, $400.00

Rarely do we get the opportunity to do nothing serious but when we do we pleasantly dawdle enjoying La Dolce Vita.

In February of 1964 I attended a party on Central Park South. Brian Epstein, the manager of the Beatles was there.  Some of the guests were making fun of the Beatles. They proclaimed that Rock ‘n Roll was vulgar. I gave a spirited defense of the Beatles and told the assembled group that they were all troglodytes. At that point Brian said to me “Let’ get out of here.”

We went to the Plaza Hotel and Brian gave me my own room in his suite. Sitting around the main salon a group of Brits were manning the phones promoting the Beatles on radio and in magazines. The sounding of screaming fans outside could be heard through the windows. It is often said that most of the fans were girls but I can assure you that many in the crowd were boys. Once, suddenly, the door burst open and about ten girls came running into the room screaming ‘Where are they?” Guards following the girls quickly corralled them and hustled them out of the room.

Brian and I slept together one evening but after a few attempts at sex we realized we were not compatible in that area. Brian liked rough types so I took him the Markwell Bar, a dive that featured hustlers. He pointed out the one he liked and then he went back to the hotel. I negotiated with the boy and then brought him to the hotel, telling the doorman that Mr. Epstein wanted to put him into a singing group.

It was a few days before the concert and a time of  great excitement. The English were ordering a lot of ice cream Sundaes from room service while I ordered steak (pre-vegetarian days). The only Beatle I met was Ringo. He entered Brian’s bedroom through a panel in the wall that connected the Beatles suite with ours.

My friend Terry Noel, who was the DJ at the Peppermint Lounge, fixed the Beatles up with some girls who featured towering beehive hairdos.

The highlight of course was the concert. One could hardly hear the songs for the roar of the fans. Brian offered me a job as an assistant but I hadn’t finished college so I declined. All in all it was a real thrill.