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2011, acrylic on canvas, 24” x 36”, $1,250.00

The riot of color, sounds and primitive emotions unleashed by this festival serve to insure that our Bacchanalian impulses have an outlet in ritual madness. At this time of the year everything that conventional society decrees is tossed aside in exchange for the chaotic, the unexpected and the dangerous. Everything that escapes human reason can then be attributed to the unforeseeable action of fate.

When I was seventeen I spent a humid summer in New Orleans.  The atmosphere was heavy with mystery and delight. I had a wonderful affair with a singer who had a number one hit nationally. Passion guided my every moment. Summer evenings at the amusement park on the shores of Lake Pontchatrain were a spectacle of sparkling lights against the inky backdrop of the lake.

One evening I saw Governor Long at dinner in the Colonial Room of the Roosevelt Hotel. Two strippers, Blaze Starr and Candy Barr, accompanied him.

That was the first time I tasted Ambrosia. The parties of New Orleans were exhilarating. Large personalities, such as Clay Shaw, Elmo St. D’Avet and Colonel Ferry dominated the parties while Ruthie, The Duck lady ruled the French Quarter.