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2016, acrylic on canvas, 30” X 40”, $$1,400.00

Everywhere I go in the city I encounter affichiste. Layer after layer of posters, ads and grafitti are ripped away and provide a transitory delight until they are covered over. By painting these affichiste I am giving them their place in time.

In 1968 I was travelling from Morocco to Paris. When I was about fifty miles outside of Paris I was told by the people who were driving me that I should not want to go into Paris as there was some sort of trouble there. I went to Paris nonetheless.

It turned out the ‘troubles’ were the events of Nineteen Sixty-Eight. That year was a year of social ferment worldwide. The May 1968 events in Paris remain the high point of that year. The Sorbonne was taken over by the students, ten million workers struck, hundreds of thousands marched to the Arc de Triomphe, commerce came to a standstill and Paris was cut off from the outside world. The events lasted about a month and I was unable to leave until the energy dissipated.